5 Tips to Improve Customer Service This Holiday Seasons

Holiday season is eagerly awaited in the US. The heavy rush seen all over is loved by one and all, perhaps the time of the year to make the most of the purchases and why not?  The lovely discounts, special schemes, attractive deals and lucrative offers that a customer gets during the holiday season are something that is embraced with both hands. The US retail ecommerce sales are expected to touch $79.4 billion this holiday season in 2015 - So many buyers and equally crowded shops! holiday sales However, what could (actually) make the difference is the proactive customer service that is capable enough to deal with the heavy rush because more than 3/4th of customers look forward to some kind of expert guidance than discounts, and its here where a robust customer service plays an important role in closing the deal, especially during the Holiday season. usa retail and ecommerce

1. CRM for personalization

70% of buying experiences of customers depends on how they are treated. The edge of the personalized service delivers a huge return, with customer loyalty and also lasting relationship. 80% of companies believe they deliver superior quality customer service. 8% people think these same companies actually provide 'superior' service. Hence, it is a very tight race for retailers to be in the common 8 percent, where not only they presume of providing superior quality customer service, but even customers share a similar view. CRM software helps a lot with its data point to serve personalized services which improve customer services. Almost 9 out of 10 US customers in a survey said they would pay more to ensure superior customer service. During the holiday season, providing personalized guidance on the purchase, also providing special holiday discounts on the product of customer’s choice, increases trust quotient of the company. 54% of shoppers will purchase products left in shopping carts if those products are offered at a lower price. There is no substitution to knowledgeable human service; hence, personalization is the key to success of the company customer services

2. Dependable Live chat

67% person hung up the phone out of frustration that they could not talk to a real person. (Source: Helpscout) The same can be interpreted as customers look forward to human engagement and not mechanic conversation. People prefer either telephonic or live chat. Hence, the company should have a dynamic and live chat which reduces many layers and provide competent guidance to consumers who are looking for help or information. 49% of consumers prefer to ask their questions via live chat for the simple reason- No wait-time or queuing up on the phone for the turn and above all the live chat is 'an emotional connection that strengthens the bond between the company and the customer'. Someone shopping online itself indicates that they are looking for quicker purchases and even quicker answers. Do you think emails and telephones can be that quick? Well, the representatives usually help the customers to complete the purchase process by suggesting a better product, giving detailed information about the selected product or solving a simple query regarding the delivery dates. A few minutes interaction and a big purchase, any business would love it. 75% of customers believe it takes longer to reach out to a real person and the same rises during the holiday season due to heavy rush, in such time providing proactive and live chat in minimal time would add to the happy quotient of the customers.

3. Smooth Process

28% of shoppers will abandon their shopping cart if presented with unexpected shipping costs. (Nchannel) In rush season, these percentage means huge business loss or a fallback and can also dent the routine business. Hence, it is compulsory that ecommerce portal is customer friendly and does not take long for users to complete the purchase. Special focus should be on reducing a number of steps and, more importantly, making the financial transaction step more secure. The research from the 2013 British Retail Consortium (BRC) Retail Crime Survey reports that incidents of fraud are up 15% year on year with the majority of retail fraud committed online. Hence, assurance to customers of secured transactions will help Gain customer’s loyalty. abandonment

4. Interactive Social Media

  • 55% of shoppers say that online reviews influence their buying decision.
  • 58% of US customers conduct online research on products and services they intend to purchase.
In the current market scenario, social media plays a very important role in the purchase especially online or otherwise. Negative review passes twice as fast the positive review passes through; hence, it is essential for the company to keep customers engaged in social media and be responsive to both negative review as well as the praise. In the holiday season, a word can go viral and have a huge effect hence, proactive and alert social media presence is a must to mend the damage in short order.

5. Go mobile

Mobile ecommerce grew by 28 percent in 2014—more than twice the 13 percent growth rate of desktop ecommerce. (Magento) It's very necessary to be with your customer- where ever they are. Provide them with a solution- when they want. Mobile application eases off a lot of tension for the sellers, as the mobile application not only increases the sales but also guides the customers. It is a quick way to reach a seller without a hindrance. A business activity during Holiday season creates an ideal platform and casts the opportunity for lasting relationship with the customer. An impressive, convincing and empathetic customer service, even during the rush hour will have an assured and satisfying customer, who eventually grows as a loyal customer. Ultimately, the routine done smartly is the key to improving the customer service and win over customers this holiday season.

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