How a Mobile App Can Maximize Sales during the Holiday Period

Brace yourself the holiday season is coming near, and the retailers all around the world couldn’t be any happier. From late November to the New Year, every single day is a day of festivity and prosperity for all businesses. With holiday sales reaching more than $630 billion in the United States alone in a year, companies know they have a tremendous opportunity to grab. And, shops and retailers are becoming smart; they are always on the lookout to make the most of this shopping extravaganza by offering proper convenience and significant customer experience support. One such thing is a mobile app, and many businesses are pondering upon whether to use it this year or not. If you and your marketing team are also confused about whether to utilize the traits of the technology, then today we are going to provide you with some eye-opening pointers that will convince you of the same. Since in-store business volume lowered significantly, by 5.6%, during the Black Friday sales last year, the word on the street is indicating that people are inclining towards online or mobile shopping. So, here are the top reasons why your retail organization must opt for an app when you want to make the most of the holiday season sales.

1.  Proper customer engagement process

During the sale season last year, 37% of all online shopping was conducted via tablets and cellphones With 2.1 billion smartphone users in the world, businesses have to be serious about a mobile app. Applications have the power to provide fantastic customer experience to all users. When consumer checks out the services or products, you offer via the app, he or she will enjoy and exploit something interesting and new. His or her shopping episode would differ from the traditional way of buying things. In fact, the experience will so different and unique that a customer would certainly use the app regularly instead of driving down to the brick and mortar store just complete a transaction. And, add the holiday season rush to all of this! Example: Domino’s Pizza App dominos pizza usa
  • It knows your name when you log in, it has the idea what you like, it remembers previous orders, it has your address, and you can check out the menu easily.
  • With a smartphone, companies can effortlessly engage their customers in the most efficient way so that he or she can flawlessly order and then enjoy.

2.  Serve your customers better in a quick time

The whole argument of having a mobile app is to provide customer two simple things—better service and faster transactions. People hate it when you waste their time, period. In fact, as per this statistics, customers want a quick (within 6 hours) reply to an e-mail. But, only 36% retailers respond that rapid. So, it is utmost pivotal for you to dish out fast service and a mobile app here can help you out. With an application, your customers can buy products and services from you within a few clicks. The faster you serve your consumers, the more accolades you get. Also, during the rush hour, it is vital that you must give your shoppers the chance to shop quickly to save time. Pro tip: you must provide them with a swift checkout option before they change their minds! Example: Apple Store App apple app
  • With a convenient buy now button, customers can easily purchase within few clicks.
  • Avoid going all the way through the long shopping cart process.
  • Complete your transactions in an express pace.

3. Beat your competitors and rivals

With $650 billion worth of business expected to get done this holiday season, a growth of 3.6% from last year, retailers all around sense the huge opportunity. And, here, all they have to do is beat their competitors. If you are a part of a competitive market or industry, then you have to make sure that you surge ahead of your ‘friends’. A mobile app will certainly help you to achieve that. Imagine this; your rival company does not have an application to serve its clients. Won’t you woo them to your stable and offer them the convenient way of shopping? With a mobile app, you will no doubt become the talk of the town and provide the best service to the yearning customers. For instance, you can use the camera feature, alert option, geo-position, and also the user’s storage space to provide the ultimate experience to the audience. The process will certainly eclipse any other offering of your rivals. Example: Zappos’ mobile app
  • Track transactions, manage accounts, use the maps to locate orders, and get desired and useful notifications.
  • Get alerts when the stock is available.

4.  The extra incentives that matter in the end

Providing something extra is the need of the hour when you want to stand a class apart from a homogenous group. A mobile app here will help you to achieve that extra. The customer’s mobile phone can become the handy tool when you have to engage with them in the right way. What you can do: With various apps, you can instantly pay for your Starbucks coffee, book tickets, and do shopping. Yes, you can do so many small—but significant—things with an application. When you want to maximize the convenience of your customers, you will have to provide them with an app. And, during the festivities, these tiny, time saving, and helpful things, matter a lot. Example: The Western Union App western union international
  • Send money, do and track transfers, scan your card, and get instant updates.

5. Use the power of push notification

With mobile app, you would be able to send your registered customers push notifications. Imagine, in-between the holiday period, you come up with a new offer, and you have to inform your users about the same. An app here will help both you and your customers out. As per a statistic, last year alone during the festive period, 75% of mobile app users redeemed a coupon during their shopping spree. Hence, it is vital that these alerts must reach your audience in time and the best way to do it is via an app, as it will bump sales. The stats also indicate that people generally do not open up e-mails, while the acceptance level of app messages is around 21%. The pop-ups are also useful if you want to stay in the minds of the customers, as with a push notification you will from time to time invade their cellphones. Example: Fab App fab1 android apps
  • Proper push notifications so that people can know the news and get the latest

Final word

You might as well know it by now, but let us remind you again— mobile app is the future of shopping and during the holiday season, its requirement becomes even more imminent. Retailers should also exploit this technology, as we believe it will certainly bring them more business and clients. Happy Holidays!

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