What Do Users Want In A Mobile App?

As per the stats released by a research, this year will experience a shipping of more than 472 million smartphones i.e. an increment of160 million unit smartphones from the year 2010. If reports are to be believed, the count of mobile app downloads will increase to 183 billion in the next 4 years. 1-min

Developing a New Mobile App?

Building a bang-up website is not just about unveiling the potential to your creativity, but also to have your ear to ground. This is the reason why more and more developers are reaching out to interact with the stakeholders, away from the vicinity of their closed boardrooms and cubicles. You ask, why all this pain? The answer lies with the people or the end users who will deploy the app created by you. Be it your own employees or other consumers, getting acquainted with the challenges and hurdles faced by them gives you a peek into what all features or functionalities are not helping them. With all this being said, we wanted to share an insight into what actually makes a quality app great and what all it takes an app to become a best seller in the mobile app store. 2

What Do Mobile App Users Really Want?

Let’s put forth some light on what all features do the customers actually deem to be right and beneficial:

Has an Intuitive User Interface

The foremost parameter that a mobile app user wants in the mobile application that is being used is the user-friendly interface. Usually the elements of the user interface of the applications are placed at the top or the bottom of the app. However, most of the users hold their phone in such a way that their thumb becomes their primary finger for touching various buttons in the app. For the users who are right-handed, their thumb reaches the options at the bottom of the app more easily than the options which are located at the top. Therefore, it’s always recommended to keep the mobile applications button at the bottom of the screen and it would be more better if they are placed at the right-bottom corner of the app.

Is Not just Present in the App Store

Majority of the marketers lay their beliefs in the assumption that consumers or app users head to the mobile app store for searching an app. However, this is not true. Even though around 40% of the app users browse for the required apps in the app store, the remaining 60% do not. Yes, you heard it right they do not! There are n numbers of scenarios wherein the app users come across the other apps. A consumer might come across your app while being engaged in another app, watching a video on YouTube or even as simple as randomly browsing the internet. One of the most common way a consumer searches for an app is by doing its discovery in a search engine. 3-min For instance, a business traveler who is a frequent traveler has to go for a business meeting in London. Since the plan is made on a short notice, he would just open Google and will type ‘Hotels in London’. All the travel apps, which list the number of available rooms and hotels will be listed in the search results. Since he travels a lot, the person is likely to travel one of those apps to avoid all these hassles the next time. Discovery of an app via search engine is most popular in the technical apps that give reviews of new gadgets or gizmos and travel apps which enlist the trip as well as the hotel details.

Proves its Utility & Worth

Users opt for apps that ease their daily worries and serve them the purpose they have downloaded them. It has been observed that 2 people out of 3 people use those apps that simplify their lives and is very easy to use. However, if we talk about the other side of the coin, users also abandon the application once their purpose is served. It has been observed that 38% of the users download a particular app only when they require to make a purchase or process a transaction. Once their task is completed, they uninstall the app and proceed with the other processes. Therefore, users want an app whose value and utility is clear from the beginning itself. They want an app that they never want to uninstall even after they are done with a transaction.

Has a Great Functionality

Last but the not the least! A great functionality is what it takes an app to do wonders for the users and gain the much needed acceptance from the users. Given the ample number of apps available in the market, it gets necessary to make your app stand amongst the crowd, not just its functionality but its appearance as well. Make sure that your app offers all the functions and features that it promises because in the end, it’s just the functionality of your app that will keep your users tied up with your mobile app. Ensure that your app is not flooded with useless ads, otherwise it will take away the interest of your users and will ultimately lead them to uninstall the app from their gizmo. For example, a user will not be interested in your mobile cleaner app if the ads keep coming up again and again and disrupts the functioning of the app. Thus, you need to make sure that the ad appears once the mobile is cleaned. 4

Remember, All Is Not Perfect In the Land of Apps!

While creating an app, your first priority should be the feasibility and the flexibility which you can offer to your users with your app. While focusing on the present, also keep in mind what the mobile app users want in the future. Remember, it is the ease with which the users deploy your app that will ultimately define the success of your app. Therefore, keep in mind the factors discussed in this write-up and ensure that you create an app that is loved by every user who downloads and uses it.  

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