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Skyward CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management helps companies to manage their relationship and interactions with customers and associate partners.

At Skyward Techno, we understand your requirements and the importance of your association with your customers. The CRM Software aims to help businesses benefit from your relationship with your customers while keeping your needs and insights in mind. Our CRM automates your routine activities for sales, service, and marketing teams, leaving them free to use their time and skills to think generate leads and close deals. Packed with custom features, this CRM software is the key to all the solutions that you have been looking for.It is easy, adaptable, affordable CRM for small business as well as medium sized businesses.

The CRM allows you to achieve targeted results as all features can be customized.. Simply put, Skyward CRM helps you and your sales team do the right things, at the right time.

Salient Features of Skyward CRM

Take the tour at Skyward CRM, how they offer must-have CRM functionality at reasonable price. Skyward CRM allows seamless integration across various levels, executives, managers, and partners.

  • Sales force Automation

    Equip your sales team with live data, grab seamless opportunities and convert leads into deals. Sales force automation module consists of Account Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management and Lead Management

  • Territory Management

    Assign, manage and structure live customer data to users (sales people) within their sales territory. Sales people can view current customers,potential opportunities, competitors' activity, and the location of all of these.

  • Partner Management

    Improve your relationship with your partners by sharing sales leads, marketinggoals and other related tasks. With real-time information flow, it enables you and your partner to enhance visibility, and sales growth.

  • Sales Forecasting

    With highly researched business insight, it allows you to forecast sales and analyse trends with a variety of reports. It also helps define activities and required budget for the business.

  • Sales Performance Management

    You can monitor your list of assigned activities and guide sales people to improve their ability to sell products. It includes Monitor performance, Report card, and Monitor activities.

  • Reports and Dashboard

    Channel your sales efforts in the right direction with a dynamic dashboard. It display Customizable Reports, Key Metrics, and 50 pre-built Reports

Why Should You Opt for Skyward CRM

Skyward CRM is a result of carefully studying the business environment over the years. Our software is simple, focused and customer oriented. That puts you ahead in the race to the top.Here are the benefits that you stand to gain from this software.

  • Drive leads

    1. 1. Accelerate the speed from lead to deal.
    2. 2. Capture leads directly from websites.
    3. 3. Import leads from external sources such as trade shows, seminars, direct mails etc.
    4. 4. Match sales-ready leads to the appropriate sales people.
  • Customization

    1. 1. Same level of customization both on-premise and cloud
    2. 2. Unlimited customised dashboard.
    3. 3. Export custom reports, sales-forecating.
    4. 4. Built for CRM for small business as well as medium sized businesses.
  • Effectively Follow up

    1. 1. Log all important customer calls for quick and easy reference
    2. 2. Store customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar.
    3. 3. Invite staff, leads and contacts to events and meetings.
    4. 4. Set up recurring events by day, week, month and/or year.
  • Manage Customer Accounts

    1. 1. View customers across products, geographies, account and status.
    2. 2. Mobile or web access so you can manage your opportunities on the go
    3. 3. Generate price quotes, sales orders and invoices.
    4. 4. Track customer purchase history to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
    5. 5. Establish effective loyalty programs.