5 Signs When Business Need Application Maintenance Service

Are you satisfied with the performance of your business app? Is something not going well and you are still finding the loose ends of the same? You are at the right place. This article sheds light on those fundamental signs which can tell you whether this is the right time for your business app to get the support from an adept application maintenance service or not. Let’s start.

1. When legacy app is not fulfilling demand (or there are certain limitations)

Firstly, you will have to understand the needs and limitations of a legacy application for quickly grabbing the whole idea. Technically, as defined by the SearchITOperations, Legacy applications are those applications which are old and out-dated but are still in use. Now, how can you define this old and obsolete tag? Simply, consider an application which runs on the phones powered by the older versions of the Android like Gingerbread, but the same application doesn't run on the newer versions of the same like Marshmallow or Nougat. Similarly, a legacy application can run on the older versions of Windows OS but doesn’t run on the newer versions of the same. The IT industry is an agile one. Every now and then new technologies, new platforms, updated coding languages are surfacing for creating new opportunities, solving unique problems and what not. But, legacy apps cannot leverage these new and updated technologies to earn the versatility for performing on each web face. So, legacy apps have their valid limitations as:
  • Updation of the apps is completely stopped.
  • Coding of these apps depends upon specific languages which are a nightmare in terms of the app’s performance, service and maintenance.
  • Newer technologies or modern and versatile coding languages are not used
  • These apps cannot perform in an expected way on every web platform/OS out there.
The result? Your business loses exposure, new and upcoming markets and the most importantly, SALES! All of these negative effects your business carries are for one single thing - Legacy app. You need to move ahead. Yes, your business needs an application maintenance service.

2. When some new technologies implemented or integrated other third parties software

Market share! Exponential growth! Higher sales volume! We know these are not mere word phrases to you. These word fragments continuously last you mentally even when you are sleeping. It’s a necessary evil and being an owner of a growing business you can’t bypass this. Now, for the sake of your business growth, a continuous changing process is the most important factors as this ever changing IT industry has the full potential to declare you as ‘Obsolete’ within a blade of time. Yes. I’m talking about the implementation of the newer technologies and business integration. Now, whether it’s a backward integration of other technologies or the forward, your business app needs skilled minds who can make the cut without inviting a single glitch. Notably, you need hard-core professionals who have the exact dexterity in application maintenance service. From integrating CRM tools with your business app to shaping a unique business intelligence software for you, coveted application maintenance service from Skyward has an unparalleled technological edge to build it from scratch.

3. When you need to update your app frequently

According to the BusinessInsider, regarding the number of app updates, “In 2013 Amazon, Walmart, and Geico each updated 10 times or more (higher than average) and gained higher-than-average ratings, and more reviews. YouTube was atypical in that it updated more than 10 times and received below-average reviews.” Here is an awesome graph that tells things in a numerical way, regarding the app updates vs. average app ratings from the BusinessInsider: website user number This graph is a great information source for the new and upcoming businesses that are planning to publish their business app on the web. Admittedly, for designing these app updates you need to have a strong app backup team which can maintain your app during the app updation process and prevent the most obvious and frequent outcome of this process - App Downtime. Downtimes slash down not only your sales volume but also kill your brand’s reputation on the web. Now, this is a strong sign that proves your business app needs a professional application maintenance service.

4. When you need to increase app performance and life within a tight budget

Technically, most of the brick and mortar business are sensing that they need to hop into the web as it’s the future. Supportingly, according to the Internetlivestats, currently the World Wide Web is housing more than one billion of websites and this growth is exponential (website publishing rate). This beautiful image from the Internet live stats can portray the whole story in a better way: total number of website user Now, the focal point is most of the business are pretty happy with their business application. They have a web face of their business, and that’s enough. This is a grossly out-dated thinking. Admittedly, having a non performing web face is more harmful to a business that not having one. So, performance is a key issue and an experienced application maintenance service can ensure that.

5. When you need security reviews

In this age of big data, data is the most valuable commodity for any business. Notably, data security is the demand of the day. For every business vertical who deals with this digital world of the web, needs to employ a strong data security standard for protecting the customer touchy data. Ok. You may be thinking that you have employed strong data security tools in your business app and you are done. Right? We bet that security is an illusion. Either you do it in a proper way or high chances are there for you to be one of the 30,000 hacked websites, daily. Admittedly, security is not a static standard. It’s a continuous practice and executing regular security audits and obtaining security reviews is the key to success. Who is going to ensure the quality of this continuous process? Yes. You need a standard application maintenance service. We bet, these are not the only reasons or signs which signify that your business app needs the support of a rugged application maintenance service. But, surely you can start analysing these elemental business factors decide wisely.

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