7 Brilliant Tools to Market Your Mobile App

In these days, is there anything you can’t do on your smartphones? Not physically of course! But yes, this device has pocketed your entire world on its screen. How? Mobile apps! But, do you like all of them similarly? I don’t think so. Because, they are not that you expected, right! For the similar reason, 90% of people leave most of the apps after 6 months. Because they don’t dig deep into studying customer experience. It needs lots of analysis and right tools to provide efficiency into that. If you are planning to have your name in the success list for a long run, let’s have a clear view on the marketing tools you need.

1. MobileAppTracking- mobile app ad channel valuation and analysis:

The marketing process for an app starts with its download quantity and user acquisition. But, the problem arises when the marketing channels fail to deliver accuracy in CPI metrics and ad optimisation. MobileAppTracking has pinpointed all these bugs with proficiency. They make it possible to track every installation by creating unique device fingerprints when users click on an ad connected to MobileAppTracking link. The attribution analytics they provide measures lifetime value of all your advertising channels. mobile app tracking Single SDK installation for your app not only tracks downloads to reveal the source of installation but also differentiates direct publishers from duplicity. Also, the simple pricing system shows their generosity with the free allowance for up to 50k attributes and $0.002/attribution after that.

2. Tapstream- enhances user acquisition:

Tapstream helps to acquire more users and improve the value of your ad channels. Their attribution system discovers the source of the users and records all of their in-app behaviours. The product  “Deferred Deep Links” creates responsive mobile landing pages and allows the app to respond differently based on the channel of the user source and navigates the users to the right product page regardless of app installation. This Tapstream product works similarly for every app whether it requires registration or not. Tapstream A short JS snippet added to your website enables Tapstream to fingerprint your web viewers by tracking their referral source. Then with every installation SDK sends Tapstream a signal for a conversion. Tapstream illustrates the procedure with An Example with short links:
  1. Someone clicks the shortlink in your recent Facebook update, then installs your app and activates it.
  2. Your Tapstream dashboard shows you that your shortlink generated a successful conversion - in this case, activation.
  3. If that user continues on to make an in-app purchase, and you’ve set up in-app purchases as an event, then it will attribute the in-app purchase to as well.”
The pricing system is another attraction with free attribution plan whereas the advanced plans start with $425 per month.

3. Autosend:

It’s a cloud-based messaging service which allows businesses send event-based automated email, SMS and push notifications to both web and mobile app users. This technology, called “trigger-based messaging”, monitors user behaviour and hits a targeted response to the visitor from your site or native app. It uses WYSIWYG email creation, analytics and A/B testing to reach out for every viewer personally. autosend These personalised messages help to strengthen the trust between you and your audience and increase the conversion rate. They offer a free plan for new businesses. Other plans come with 3 attractive ways: a $50/month starter plan, a $250/month growth plan and a $600/month pro plan

4. Apptimize:

Apptimize provides A/B testing, phased rollout, feature toggling and analytics for native iOS and Android apps. They have made A/B testing as an easy play for everyone with their “Visual Apptimizer” since there is no requirement of coding. Apptimize Just install Apptimize SDK libraries, and you can run a test in less than 15 minutes. They use staged rollout system for different sets of visitors and earns you precious feedbacks from them. Cohort analysis empowers the analytics and enriches the targeting process in advance level. They offer free service for up to 25k users/month and then start with $300/month.

5. Apptentive- in-app user feedback & analysis:

App usability is a subjective issue to be handled with traditional or quantitative analytics. Here, Apptentive provides you with the direct insights on your user behaviours with their qualitative analysis based on user recordings and touch heatmaps. They use simple in-app feedback tools to collect valuable opinions from your audience. Apptentive Apptentive’s Message Center allows visitors to send screenshots on the exact issue they are facing in your app. Communicating in this way helps to mitigate every challenge from both ends and in no time. You can attain their free plan for up to 1k interactions and to get more, start paying only $49/month.

6. SparkPage- automated onboarding campaign:

SparkPage’s lead relationship management system (LRM) collects all possible explicit and implicit data like the current service provider, contract-end-date and location and social data when a user enters into your site. SparkPage All these information enriches the automated onboarding campaign with efficiency and sends targeted email, SMS or push messages to each client. Also, Sparkpage Ad Audiences enables you to target your leads directly with ad campaigns by optimising the available data on them. You can A/B test all these message sequences and optimise your conversion rate with right targets while you don’t need to install any SDK library. They provide 30-day free trial options and pay only $79/month for implementing the permanent solution.

7. UpSight- in-app ad Management:

UpSight extracts valuable insights from quantitative data analytics and enriches their marketing tools. Their targeted in-app ad optimisation integrates with the web and mobile marketing. The geo-targeted native messaging campaigns are empowered by the useful qualitative analysation. UpSight UpSight ensures your data driven discussions not to stick in your static data but to update in future days and to obtain a clear view of other metrics by enterprise collaboration. They also provide lifetime value prediction for your ad campaigns. Take your chance with the free services at first and then go for the paid service for $500/month. The success of an applies in the realisation of customer expectations, and a very few number of apps have reached to that peak. So, lead your marketing strategy towards your customers already.

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