Why Businesses Need Mobile Friendly CRM

How do sales people define themselves? They are shark hunters. A single success comes just after tons of failures. And, their harpoons? Admittedly, the CRM tools. A functioning sales team without a versatile CRM tool is a virtual concept today. Latest industry reports say that more than 91% of companies, having more than 11 employees, employ CRM tool in their sales process. Now, this article focuses on the usage of mobile CRM or mobile friendly CRM tools and the need for the same. Further, according to a Forrester research, “Nearly 50% of enterprises were piloting, rolling out, or currently using mobile applications for sales. Similarly, more than 40% of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) were piloting, rolling out, or were using mobile applications to support their sales apps.” Today, businesses are focusing on their speed and agility for defining their brand value, and everyone is dying to be the next ‘one-of-its-kind’ service for their customers. Now, that's hard, and it demands the last drop of your knowledge, patience and effort. Moreover, you need to have smart business tools in order to combat with this ever evolving customer trends. You need this leverage to stay afloat on the global market. Mobile friendly CRM tools or mobile CRM apps belong to that group of smart tools. So, Why mobile CRM? Let's find out.

Faster accessibility

Nowadays accessibility is power. You need to empower your employees with a superior level of accessibility, and mobile devices are your best bet here. If your employees get access to your CRM tool through their smart handhelds, it will surely enhance their ability to stay in touch with your customers round the clock. In the last decade, mobile phones have become a lifesaving organ to us. We, including your customers, do love to carry this pocket-sized 'world of communicative information’ with us. So, it's a fairly convenient way for your employees to communicate with your customers through their mobiles. They can even communicate on the go. So, what does faster accessibility actually mean? Here’s the list:
  • It minimizes the overheads being a customer touch point as it enables your employees to access all the records and information related to a customer within a whisker.
  • Texting and calling become a Spartan task through a mobile phone
  • Tapping a mobile screen is always easier than typing on a laptop keyboard
  • Business conduction is not limited to the office hours
So, faster accessibility means higher employee activity, better sales closures and thankfully, a fatter revenue.

Stronger communication among employees

For any business, internal communication is the key to sustainable success. Mobile access to your CRM tool enables your employees to communicate with each other in a better and faster way. It’s a strategic advantage. How? Who plans your sales meetings? Who comes up with the right information at the right time on every sales meeting? Who plans and schedules everything of your business? Who requires better information insights for shaping an efficient sales closure? Undeniably, your employees. And, a better communication accelerates the whole business process. Now, this doesn't sound like opening laptop lid and log into the CRM tool and then communicate every single time. A successful business can’t depend on the ‘i was on the road’ or ‘i’m outside office’ excuses. Your business runs round the clock, and your employees need the ‘on the go access’ smartness level to communicate with your potential customers. A mobile friendly CRM tool or a mobile CRM app is the only answer to this riddle.

Less Administrative burdens

Faster sales closure? Instant customer communication? Potential lead classification? Better productivity? Let’s face it. These questions are roaming around your mind, and you are looking for a smarter solution for these cardinal issues. Complexity and administrative burdens are just the opposite faces of the same coin. They run together. So, better productivity always sounds lesser administrative burdens, and mobile CRM is your salvation as it is the best tool for collecting necessary information regarding your clients. It reduces the number of stages between the data source and information collection. Mobile CRM enables you sales reps to access required information within a blade of second and that too within a single place. Every data set regarding a potential customer like current product holding, recent transactions with your company, past purchase histories and others. Mobile CRM organizes and pushes all these data sets so that your sales reps remain a single tap away from them.

Better and instant opportunity creation for clients

Opportunity creation for clients is one of the most important factors that make your sales process an instant buzz. So, from where it starts? Statistically, it starts from the CRM adoption status. Believe me; it has been a real challenge for every business. Still, a considerable amount of salespersons doesn't want to adopt CRM tools as these tools appear like a complex problem to them. So, the CRM adoption rate within your sales team can be the biggest roadblock for your business. So, how to outsmart this issue? Mobile CRM. Mobile CRM tools motivate your employees to interact more with them. We do love our digital pets. Right? Further, when sales reps get all the necessary information at their fingertips and at a single place, they can close a sales deal with fewer steps. So, fasters sales closure and more time for prospecting new leads. What does this sound? Yes. It sounds more sales volume and higher revenue.

Better personalization attributes

In today's business arena the word personalization isn't a fancy word anymore. Personalization is the first attribute which attracts new leads and converts them into potential customers. Now, personalization comes with attributes like portability, ease of access, instant communication, and less noisy information. Undeniably, mobile CRM is here to integrate these precious functional attributes to the existing CRM tools. For mobile CRM application developers like Skyward, these personalization attributes are the building blocks for app development. According to the Innoppl Technologies, 65% of the sales teams who have adopted mobile CRM has achieved their sales quotas. 22% of the rest who haven't adopted the same have achieved their sales quotas. Lastly, every business aspect which is going to the serve the future of this business world needs to get mobile in order to integrate new attributes and possibilities.

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