How CRM Innovation Will Boost Sales Team Productivity

Whatever the business is, big or small, sales reps can’t think marketing without CRM. Statista graph mentioned CRM revenue growth rate from 2010 to 2015 and, it’s still growing in that same huge rate. CRM software revenue worldwide 2010-2015 Statistic But, is it really that much helpful? Then why does SlideShare claim for 30%-60% failure of CRM projects? Yes. CRM is like a spoiled child for the sales people, which can’t be ignored. It’s true. Today’s marketing strategy can’t survive without CRM. But, the new challenges CRM is presenting, are paving the way for new CRM implementations with a promising rate of success.

1. Sales friendly CRM systems - The usability issue

According to Mack Dudayev, CEO, and co-founder, InsureChance, an online life insurance marketplace, “A good [sales-focused] CRM system can help your sales force stay organized and focused”. Almost half of the CRM installations can’t find their way to success mostly because of their over complexity. After going through large learning processes, users find themselves lost in crowded applications to search for their required data. This tiresome experience for CRM becomes a challenge for the sales team to retain the unsatisfied customers. When there is a need, there comes the solution. Skyward CRM Software have fuelled up to melt the iceberg by using custom features, CRM lives, collaboration with other enterprises for tools to reduce complex apps and go through seamlessly. This sales-focused CRM system is the one, which can devour all the technical jargons for both the users and the sales pipelines so that a good relationship may rise up among them. Without having the tedious steps as in age-old CRM technologies, salespersons can focus on the only thing they are good at, closing leads to deals.

2. Install smart communication tools like live chat to boost lead generation

Personal impacts always can raise more connections than the digital or computerised tools. That’s where communication tools like live chat win the game for altering more leads to deals along with new opportunities too. It’s all about trust because no human can trust the machine technologies more than the natural human voices. Voice calling and, video conferences in live chat tools are the magnets for the leads. And, then the rest of the works get winged by the new CRM technologies with the applications of automatic recording of customer details. These tools help the salespersons to understand the customer needs with deep insights.

3. Automatic customer's data entry into CRM system

CRM is meant for strengthening customer relationship with sales management. And, to do this, you need to treat them with personalized attention. Admittedly, the more efficient data the CRM holds, the more significant it becomes. Because realizing customer needs depends only on holding as much as effective personal information about them. In early CRM systems, customers were needed to put all these pieces of information manually, which was really exhausting for them. Not only that, sometimes it was confusing for the users to put the exact data with proficiency. This resulted in compromising CRM software reliability. But, new CRMs are vowed to mitigate all sorts of compromisation. Modern CRMs have automated the weary method of data entry.  New systems are programmed to garner consistent data directly from users’ emails, CRM spreadsheets, calendars and other features while maintaining customer accounts by integrating with other apps related to productions. Also, it’s helping the sales management in discerning better business acumen for their customers and, nourishing a more trustworthy bonding.

4. Clearer data insight

The more effective the CRM becomes in gleaning coherent data from customer accounts, the more cognizances the salesforce gain and, the more lucid their insight grows. Yes, a quality CRM rises up with how much data it can accumulate with accuracy, which was nearly impossible for manual data entry systems in past CRMs. Also, it was the total wastage of time and, transparency for the system, when sales management were needed to discover a needle of knowledge from a pile of reports mounting in front of them. Hence, the need for innovation in CRM to maintain the upkeep with consistency. New CRM technologies are using custom features integrated with easily adaptable apps as in Skyward CRM. These new systems are well-organized in a highly visualized way for assembling data automatically by following customer entries across products, geographies, accounts and, status statements. CRM tools are now empowering in an automated recording of customer activities to generate vigorous sales reports automatically in a regular basis. These tools are also able to keep trace of the time spent in every event and, crowdsourcing the customer whereabouts from them. Allowing mobile access as good as in web surfers is attracting more customers with new opportunities in an affordable price balance in these modern CRM systems. Tracking customer purchase history is opening up the insight for cross-selling and, up-selling opportunities. The new systems are unleashing the previous glory for CRM with more reliability. Besides, CRM is going to kick the peak while maintaining the cost reduction strategy tool

5. Minimise allied administrative tasks

According to Mark Donnolo, founder of SalesGlobe, companies should hire sales support personnel to minimise administrative tasks and, non-sales activities like customer service, tech support or, marketing issues should get maintained by corresponding departments. Now, with new CRM tools, sales-team does not need to get involved in training processes for customers to get adapted in CRM applications as before. Also, they don’t need to search for clients details from a huge pile of reports mounted every day. Modern CRMs are capable of collecting all the required data automatically by following customer activities. Also, these can track records for time spent on every activity as in resources or conferences. All of these are resulting in highly automated efficient sales report everyday with more reliability than before. All these responses cater to higher sales productivity. In the end, I can say that complexity snatches the popularity of CRMs. So, to revive the previous glory, the main goal of the new CRMs becomes maintaining a trustworthy relationship also with fun-raising technologies.

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