10 Benefits Of Custom Mobile Application Development For Your Business

Mobile application for any business development is no more a requirement but has become a necessity. All the customers use mobile applications, which have created a huge market for the field of custom mobile application developers all over the world. A statistics reports speak that since 2015 over 85% businesses uses the them for developing their business. mob_app   According to CDW’s recent survey, businesses today are depending more on customized apps to assist in everyday operations and procedures including; sales support, data access, communications, service support, business process, productivity, collaboration, and presentation. Custom apps help in creating extra ordinary value for business as they are targeted specifically at the unique needs and want tailored as per a particular company profile and work mandate.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development For Your Business

Anything claimed or predicted without any facts or figures is useless and crap. We will hence go through few of the benefits which we will get from these applications development for a business, with its true facts and statistics. 2 The above picture depicts the sectors and areas, where the use of customized applications has blown the market.

Improves the Efficiency

Unlike the other applications, these applications are fully business focused. It is made keeping your business in mind, keeping the benefits associated with your business in mind which improves the efficiency of your business by 46%. These  applications are developed completely taking into consideration of your business. It is hence, employee friendly and helps the employees to produce the better output which in turns improvises the efficiency of your business. Instead of using multiple applications for your business promotion, this one custom application helps you to put together your complete business and promote it collectively. It thus becomes, easy for you to manage and handle which increase the efficiency of your business. Hence, the use of applications is recommended for your business, as it is the best business tool which will help you to grow and expand your business with maximum efficiency and minimum workload.

Increases Productivity

Now, once you make your business efficient what is the next thing you wish for? Yes, it is the productivity of your business. And you will be happy to know that the custom mobile application increases the productivity of your business by 41%. It promises a productive growth to your business. By, using these applications, you can increase the productivity of your product that too in an efficient manner. Statistics speaks that 74 percent of the customers saw an increase in productivity thanks to the implementation of their custom app, and 81 percent reported a reduction in inefficient tasks. And what’s more, 60 percent of customers saw a return on investment from their  applications. It is a huge figure which forces and attracts you to the use of customized mobile applications. And, hence you should definitely go for it and make your business more productive than ever before.


What will you do if someone fetches the code of your normal application and get all your important data related to your business?? Went mum, right! But, don’t worry as custom mobile application promises at solving this problem of yours as well. A customized mobile app is completely developed and designed for your business and hence security is given a deep importance. Whatever data is associated with your custom application is completely safe and secured from any unauthorized access. These applications offer some of the best techniques for securing your important and private business data. You can ensure this security the way you want keeping your business requirement in mind. With this application, you can even decide different levels of security based on the user. For example, you can have different access permission for your client, general employee, important employee and you as well. Hence, customized applications provide you with great security features which promise to keep your data safe and secured.

Offers Mobility

Any mobile application is simply useless if it does not offer a great deal of mobility. As the name itself suggests mobility is something which is a must and you can achieve a great deal of it through custom mobile applications. Completely focused on your business, providing with the data related to your business this application provides an increase in the mobility of 39%. You cannot win the heart of your clients if your mobile application is not remote and mobile. This mobile application solves your this problem as well and offers a great deal of mobility and ability to work remotely. So, now it’s time to make your business more mobile and achieve the remote access which you want. Get started with the custom applications and win the heart of your clients with a lot of features it offers.

Cost Savings

A business is said to be successful only if it saves your cost and provides you the required benefit. It saves your cost by 29%, which means that on your every business product now you will save 29% extra. Sounds, like a dream come true, right. You can thus increase your business profits through your custom mobile application. Made by you, developed by you, and made for your business this application saves your cost. It is also found that using the customized application you save the number of employees working for you, which means that you can achieve the same effective work with less labor cost. By developing your own custom business mobile app, you can enjoy its full control and don't need to depend on others for anything, saving your developer maintenance cost as well. Hence, you get to save your cost and increase your profits through customized mobile applications so it is definitely a nice way of expanding your business.

Employee Collaboration

As the customized mobile application is purely based on business it is extremely easy for your employees to understand it. With the feature of user friendliness, it adds a feature of employee friendliness which increases the employee collaboration and increases it by 28%. This means that for each and every employee you will get an increase in you the work by 28%, and by seeing this figure you can just imagine how much growth your business is going to experience by this collaboration. You get a maximum output, with increased input all these by customized mobile application which gives you another reason to use it.

Customer Satisfaction

All your growth in business and development of application can go in vain if your customers are not satisfied. The customized mobile application also makes your customer satisfies and increases the customer satisfaction by 27%. This means that on your every customer will be 27% more satisfied, which signifies that on every four customers you will get a new one. An extremely impressive figure isn’t it. Customized business applications allow you to send personalized updates related to your products and services to your existing customers in real-time and helps you to access client details and receive feedback, which further helps you to improve your mobile application and business as per your customer’s needs.

Customer Communication

A customer becomes really very happy and promotes your business for free if you are communicating with him/her properly. Adding simple forms and surveys can help you get the required client information.  It increases customer communication efficiency by 27%. Customized mobile applications allow you to freely communicate with your customers and resolve their issue. And , once the problems of your customers are resolved quickly you can make him/her happy which will promote your business, and even you know that users listen to customers review more than anyone else, so go for it.

Competitive Advantages

Apart from the above-stated factors, the other thing which helps you to develop your business is your position in the market. It is extremely important for you to stay in the market and keep a competitive approach. These applications provide you with this benefit as well and give you the competitive advantages by 25% more. This means that your chances of winning a competition and achieving a good position in the market are increased 25% more than the present. And these all help them to stay amongst different business.

Ability To Use Multiple Devices

If your application is not capable enough or compatible with all the devices you may lose certainly a big area of customers. But, as long as you are using custom mobile application this will really not happen as this application will increase the ability of your application to use multiple devices by 25%. This means that for every four devices you will be getting one extra.  These applications are compatible enough and give you a great lot of approaches through its accessibility to multiple devices. The above given were the benefits of customized mobile application with facts and figures. You can see all of them through the statistics graph given below:- 3

The Bottom Line

The custom mobile application thus provides you a huge number of benefits which will enhance the growth and productivity of your business. Mobile application is a must for expanding any business and if you want the best effectively and efficiency then the custom mobile application is surely the best option.

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