Why End to End Application Development is a Good Option For You in 2017

What is your favorite mobile app that you can't live without? Here is what Flurry Analytics says,  90% of time on mobile is spent in apps. Yes. Lately, we are using apps than ever before.1 I admit, we all have our favorites and each of these is strong relationships. But, while toying with an app, most of us do not care about the systems and web services that run the application without a single hiccup. Admittedly, it's not a single layer system; rather it's a multilayered system where a bunch of programming languages render their services concurrently to run an application. Still, most of the app developing services classify the app developing tasks into two broad segments- the front-end and the backend. Technically, Python or PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and the database query languages are the key programming languages for building these two layers of a functional application. Obviously, this needs an army of skill sets, and we have coined them as frontend and backend developing. But, here we are talking about the end to end app development or full stack app development. Yes. A full stack app developer is the one man army who knows it all and does it all. Supportingly, coveted app developing services like Skyward are going pretty vocal about the end to end app development ecosystem, and they are preaching about how can it be beneficial for you. So, what are the skill sets? Here is a beautiful instance from the Altexsoft: 2 Are things falling in their places? I bait, they are. Notably, an end to end app development is all about building an app from scratch and that too by a single developer or by a single team of developers. End to end app development attributes include:
  • Development planning
  • Designing of the UI along with other associated graphics
  • Content creation
  • Developing the from end
  • Developing the backend
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
Now that's what we call full stack app development. Before the technology has coined the new role ‘full stack development’, most of the companies used to look for two distinct app developing teams - frontend developer and backend developers. Nowadays, end to end or full stack app development has seen a meteoric rise. Why? Undeniably, there are valid reasons which lead to two important factors of app development- cancellation of unnecessary technical overheads and economic feasibility. Let's break it down.

1. One point of contact for your app development

Consider that, you own a business and you want to develop a smart mobile or desktop application for fuelling the growth of your business. How will you proceed? What will you look for? Specifically, two agencies. One which will be for the frontend designing and development. The other will be for the backend development. Your point of contact? Two. You will need to communicate with the both. Further, the deployment and the maintenance of the app will kill your last drop of mental calmness where there are dependency issues over multiple agencies for the same. This is also true for the app developing agencies. Let's cut the crap. Make it a single point of contact. And, it's achievable only through a full stack app development infrastructure.

2. You don't need to make multiple contracts with multiple services (you can sign an agreement with one client)

A full blown business has always been a hectic task. Right? Multiple contacts! Multiple services! Multiple agreements! Bummer! OK. Stop. Rethink everything. Don't move mountains for developing a single app. End to end app development is here to chisel your technical overheads. Gone are those days where you used to make a sea of contracts for developing an app. With full stack app development, it's getting more scientific. The idea? A single contract with a single service.

3. Comparative low cost

It’s a no-brainer. Right? Handling a single contract with a single service is always cheaper than handling multiple services for the same cause. I admit, that this rule does not apply in each app developing approach but in the most of the cases, it does. I'm not telling you to be cheap at the cost of your app's quality but there is always a budget plan and every business tries to stick with that. Further, small and medium scale business budget is the biggest issue as they aren't blessed with fat wallets like big brands. So, budget optimization is a cardinal factor for the sustainability of a business model, and end to end app development helps the businesses to cut cost without slashing the quality. Further, there is another important factor and that's internal communication between app developing partners. Undeniably, for the overall success of a business app, this single issue acts as the linchpin, and it's a walk in the park for the developing teams when they can work together with a complete trust. Consider this list of attributes:

4. Can easily trust on application development partner

Why? Because they are already working on other things or throughout the app development process side by side. Let's face it. Communication is the key and a better communication standards ensure the quality and the functionality of an app.

5. Well defined process

Defining the process of an app development is the cornerstone for the success of the same. A well-defined process is the exact starting point of any app development and thanks to end to end app development approach for making it a smarter task. Lastly, application developing teams can talk without any hesitation between them for scanning and solving any technical issue regarding an ongoing development. Now, this may seem like a pretty ordinary factor associated with any app development but trust me; this is the key issues for shaping and maintaining the health of an app. Lastly, new businesses and startups are coming up with their unique solutions, and those solutions demand diversified business apps. So, to meet the modern demands and high complexities of app development end to end app development is the best weapon you have in 2017. What’s your take on this? Please do share with us.

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