New Trends: What 2017 Holds For Enterprise Software?

It’s 2017 already and the time is now to discuss the trendsetting enterprise software all set to take the technology to an entirely new level. Coping with the ongoing trends in technology is a necessity for any business. Meanwhile, enterprise vendors also try hitting their best efforts each year to bring out an amazing product to the market. Over the last few years, there has been noticed a significant improvement in the service and features of these softwares like as in Business intelligence(BI), CRM, ERP as well as in marketing automation. So, here we have brought to you a list of innovations being incorporated in already existing enterprise software to blow 2017 in terms of fan base and growth. Have a look:

1. Features added to the CRM

The Era of Mobile CRM, about to begin: As more and more companies are adopting cloud-based systems/CRM systems, continued migration to the mobile CRM will be a common scene in 2017. Many technology experts agree on this because Mobile CRM provides the facility of repetitions along with providing access to the client’s data whenever and wherever they desire. There will be an end to the extra efforts needed to record sales visit details. The client would access all these details just by tapping their mobile screens a number of times. This is also said to be beneficial for the sales managers as they would be offered to have a real time glimpse into the activities been going through. The incoming AI and Easy analytics prediction: Predicting analytics is always a need of the hour but most of the times are hindered by the storage issues but now due to the companies undertaking old-model SaaS deployments for data warehousing and cloud-based CRM, this problem won’t be pampering clients anymore in 2017. It is also believed that the companies who want to know their customers better and are intended to provide better service and delivery models will be the fastest to adopt predictive analytics. Predictive analytics will bring magnificent results in customer retention and servicing as the needs of the customers now can be predicted before they are realized by the customer himself. This will be a thing to watch this year. More intellectual CRMs: This means that now you can command CRM about what is to be done through an automated voice recognition facility equipped to distinguish them from being normal. In simple words, you will be able to talk with your CRM system. Its actions will be completely based upon the input fed by you, so the chances of misinterpretation will be completely eliminated unless the user himself commits a mistake.

2 More improvised Business intelligence

User-Oriented Approach: The modern BI platform will use a user-oriented approach rather than focusing on IT as its major concern. Unlike Older BI platforms which needed a trained IT specialist to run, this intuitive BI enables self-servicing so that a trained IT specialist is no longer needed. User-oriented means that it is designed in such a way that an average person also can use it. However, this is not the first time when a user-oriented approach is undertaken for better performance, Microsoft’s Power BI Software, for instance, offered a facility to ask questions in both spoken and typed formats making it much easier to be used by almost everyone. Also, with this advance approach, nearly anyone will be able to run reports and extract data rather than asking someone who is an expert in running SQL queries. Voice recognition facility will take commands from the user and a suitable action will be initiated by the platform. Thunder-Processing through Automated Algorithms: Through automated machine learning algorithms, it will be easier to deliver insights with a lightning speed contrary to the older BI platforms. These BI platforms with real-time intelligence will spot trends, insights, and patterns and apply solutions to the errors before they become considerable. This solution implementation will be done through instant alert triggering ability of BI once it is done recording the data reports and details. More advanced BI Tools needing less: In 2017, advanced BI tools and applications are set to take the market by storm where you can purchase them throwing less price as opposed to the former BI tools and applications which proved to be out of the pocket sometimes for many of the clients/users.

3 Advanced ERP systems

More specific Data Visualization: ERP providers/developers always keep on developing integrated systems which can visualize team analytics on dashboards more specifically and as per the requirements of the user. The 2017 version of these ERPs will have this facility as their one of the most significant feature to help users perform better in decision making. Easy Accessibility through Mobiles: To cooperate with the demands of the modern workplace where the staff is needed to work remotely and outside traditional work hours, ERP solutions provide mobility so that employees can easily access all the information and functions just by tapping their phone screens. This is a completely new step in modernizing the way of working for the employees and the administration of the enterprise. Moreover, the modern ERP applications will be able to provide embedded analytics to the user after recording data from multiple sources. Many companies will be adding an embedded analytics engine to their existing infrastructure to facilitate themselves with this feature.

4 Progress to the Marketing Automation

Due to the involvement of more advanced ERP tools, applications, AI technology and predictive analytics, marketing technology will become efficient in anticipating buyer behavior and prescribing the engagement solutions to the enterprise regarding whom to engage and when to engage. This will change entirely the way through which companies communicate with the stakeholders like the buyers, customers, and partners, etc. All this discussed above clearly point towards more power to the enterprise software users. There is a lot more to come in 2017 which will not only add its benefits to the company’s performance but correspondingly will help in establishing a stronger base for the software to be coming up next.

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