Know the Potential of the Modern Mobile Apps

The number of mobile apps download has seen a staggering 130 folds growth between 2009 and 2016, globally, as said by Statista. Back in 2009, we had downloaded 2.5 billion mobile apps, and the same number has skyrocketed to 224.8 billion in 2016. Recently, I googled about recent mobile apps usage statistics and their projected values in 2017. Astonishingly, I found out those mobile apps usage stats in the education sector and mobile apps usage stats in the business sector are equally popular searched phrases on Google. Along with advancements in the other important sectors, the global education trends needed a grooming and which could do it better than mobile apps. Smart education services like Skyward, A coveted name for incorporating a better SIS and ERP solution in the education sector, felt their need to bring in the change and make it a reality. They dreamt about it and made it happen. They also know the potential of the modern mobile apps and want to blend in this global trend. Now, what’s the chief reason behind this ballooning of mobile apps? Portability? User friendly? Ease of communication and business processing? Own thing? Eye candy? I bet all of these and there are much more. So, let’s break it down.

The world is getting Mobile:

Admittedly, since the advent of smartphones, the world has started getting smaller. Undoubtedly, smartphones are more like a bodily organ to us rather than smart digital pets, and mobile apps are the bridge that connects us with them. Gone are those days, when mobile optimized business websites used to be the latest trends among the business leaders. Now, mobile apps is the latest frontier. So, what a mobile application does where others fail. Admittedly, user convenience and nurturing at the personal level. Now, that’s something you need in order to run along with ever changing user trends.

Stay Ahead of the competition

The competition was always there in every field of this human civilization. Continuous progress of the technology is pouring more complex issues in the online business world. Admittedly, benchmarks are getting broken every day in every business field we know. So, in this scenario staying ahead of the curve is not a walk in the park. You will have to invest the last drop of your knowledge and commitments to achieve that supreme position. So, what is the bottom-line requirement for this? Thankfully, mobile optimized websites will not push you to that required level. Else? Undeniably, the answer is - mobile apps. Personally, it’s the last battle ground and you will have to show your real character here.

You need Insights- Data collection apps

Big data is here and it's going to stay here for a considerable amount of time. So, in this digital age what’s your biggest weapon? Collectively, it’s the user’s data which define their exact needs. Data collection apps have the potential to procure data in different formats like texts, images, videos and form fillers. Moreover, mobile apps have a built in feature of auditing the data on the way of procuring the same. So, data collecting mobile apps are pretty popular for every kind of businesses who like to take informed decisions. Are you?

Leads are everything - Lead generation apps

Possibly, for any business, lead generation and lead nurturing is the biggest challenge in the whole story of digital marketing. So, for finding success in this niche, a business needs to employ all of its tools to get it done. So, why lead generation apps are populating a major share of the digital marketing sectors? Because, they promote business relations in an effective way as they do it in a very personalized way. Statistically, engagement creation is best done by these cute little mobile apps.

Event based apps

Are you voicing for your product in public expos or events? I bet you do. Event based mobile apps can achieve a higher level of awareness and user penetration. Engagement apps execute the same workaround. Mobile apps like EventMobi are far more popular than its desktop versioned kith and kins.

Customer relationship management app

There are a bunch of CRM mobile apps available on the web. Why? The reason is simple. Nowadays customers want to have a full in-branch experience remotely from their smart handhelds. Admittedly, the internet has changed the way we connect ourselves with any online business. Popular banks, leading online business (both B2B and B2C), Branded brands, social media platforms and the unknown rest have developed their mobile apps for providing their dedicated services to their users in a personalized way and within a blade of time. Lastly, how mobile apps are creating better business practices is solely your responsibility as mobile apps are nothing but the digitized versions of you, us, the common people. So, what you think about it? Do share with us.

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