Top 5 Trends to Watch in Mobile App Development for 2017

2017 is a promising year for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Today the business world is in the midst of a digital transformation that is separating the wheat from the chaff quite quickly. The development of modern business technology lets small businesses the opportunity to build enterprise-quality, low-cost, products and services. Ecommerce, Internet marketing, and social media empower your business to efficiently reach out the prospects and existing customers in untapped markets across the world. Mobile apps today are revolutionary transforming tech world, as more and more people are getting engaged through Mobile phones with each other. According to a source, by 2020 there will be over 6.1 bn smartphone users surpassing the fixed line subscriptions. For making your business grow no matter which industry you belong to, you must have a website and most importantly mobile app.  According to Gartner report, by 2022 over 70% of software interactions in enterprises will be through mobile devices. Since people nowadays prefer mobile devices, the task-focused mobile experiences will be a priority. Staying well-versed on the latest trends in small business is extremely important to maintaining relevance in the ever-evolving world of business. Here are top 5 mobile app development trends you should be tuned into for 2017 and beyond-

1. Mobile Payment Integration through App Will Be In Hot News

Mobile payments have quickly evolved over the past few years, with more and more recognizable brands and promising startups stepping into the industry to improve technology and deliver what businesses and consumers want from services and apps that let them pay using their phones. mobile payment This is no doubt that over years there has been a significant increase in web-based transactions and mobile transactions. The emergence of integrated payment technology at the POS help businesses to deliver a differentiated experience, thus making payment process faster and easier. According to Juniper Research’s study, by 2018 1.5Bn mobile wallets will be used globally. Hence, there will be a surge of bespoke mobile applications at the app stores and that will let merchants smooth the progress of mobile payment in a completely safe and secure manner.

2. Wearable, IoT and Augmented Reality Apps Will be Boom

wearable 2016 has been quite impressive with lots of innovations and technologies upsurge. The market for wearable tech continues to explode and hit upon new niches. Wearables are shaping the world of technology, especially more and more exciting features are getting introduced in smartphones. Mobile apps are enhancing the user experience in a more innovative way. Technology giants like Google, Apple are setting a benchmark in wearable technology. And with the increasing popularity of IoT solutions, IoT is significantly revolutionizing business processes and taking it to the next level. Mobile apps are going to be a key part of the IoT’s success. New embedded sensors are included in smartphones for different operations, and thus mobile apps will make the most of this technology to make it adaptable to the consumers. According to a source, analysts have predicted that IoT will grow from 157.05$ billion in 2016 to 661.74$ billion by the end of 2021. augmented reality Today, AR (Augmented Reality) has a special place in the mobile gaming sector. AR is the combination of the real world with virtual reality, thus creating a new virtual world. How can one forget about Pokémon Go that shook the gaming world making people run in search of their favorite Pokémon? With the addition of wearables into the picture, Augmented Reality tools can be used more productively and effectively not only in the gaming industry but also in other sectors like the automobile industry, restaurant business, retail shopping, etc. and thus take an app functioning to the next level. So, 2017 is going to bring lots of brilliant gadgets which will surely leave people shocked.

3. Interactive Push Notification

With push notifications, brands can easily reach out their customers with short and simple messages even without making them open the application. Push notifications are letting users take actions like responding to a message, even without opening the app which ultimately saves lots of time and battery, thus boosting the app functionality significantly. app notification People today have a busy life, not having much time to have detailed look and that’s why the time-saving element can’t be ignored at any cost.

4. Mobile App Security, Integrating app with Data Science & Big Data

With the advancement of technologies, hackers will switch to mobility. Mobile security for has gained significance because of the sensitivity of the data accessed and the sheer data volume. Hackers with their unethical activities have already disrupted the network of online applications including data breaching. Data security is going to be a key focus for the app developers in order to cut back the risk of data and information leakage. More secure authentication means, data encryption over the cloud will demand a more controlled and secure mobile app functionality. That’s why in the coming year, the business of mobile application security is going to inflate at its most. mobile app security To understand the result of launching any new technology in the market, analytics plays a key role especially in making the decision for business perspective. Big data analysis can help to track the device usage which eventually gives insight into the future of next big thing. Tracking the use of a device can be done efficiently by big data analysis. This proves to be promising mobile app development trends in 2017.

5. Smart Homes and Smart Cities

The future is near with the inventions of smart homes and smart cities. From smart lights to smart locks, tech has finally come home. Today, millions of enterprises and businesses are now ready to enter people’s smart cities and homes so as to provide convenience, luxury, and eventually keep them connected & engaged with their business. smartcity Tech Giant ‘Apple’ through its smart home mobile app in its latest IOS update is making way to integrate all the smart objects in your home like AC, smart TV, refrigerator, etc. through a single app. Apps can be used to switch off all the lights in the kitchen, or check the safety of home no matter in which corner of the world you are in! With the increasing security concerns of parents for their kids, or working family to watch their pets, this mobile app development trend is surely going to be a hit in 2017 and beyond.

Look out for these trends in 2017

These changes in mobile app development are surely going to happen. With so many changes coming to the mobile app world in 2017, making your business stand out from other businesses can be both challenging and exciting. If you want to outlive as a business, you must amend your business in 2017 with these popular trends.

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