How Mobile Optimization Beneficial for Your eCommerce Strategy

Statista says, within 2020, at least 5 billion people will own mobile phones and around 60% of it will be populated by smartphones. Further, global mobile ecommerce revenue will reach around a staggering $669 billion. I bet, these stats are awfully inspiring to you. Thankfully, your arch-rival in your business niche is also getting inspired by the same. You may be thinking - “So what? My ecommerce website is mobile smart.” Thank you! You are on the right track. Notably, mobile phones are going to be the next face of the global e-commerce ecosystem. Thus, mobile optimization is always going to be beneficial for your e-commerce strategy. Further, user trends are proving that M-commerce or mobile e-commerce is not a buzzword anymore, and nowadays mobile optimization for ecommerce websites is a bottom line requirement. So, how much beneficial will it be? Let’s break it down.

The world is going mobile - User trends

Name any coveted organisation in global statistics and analytics measurement niche, they are saying the same- “the world is going mobile”. There are valid reasons behind the meteoric rise of this user trend. Any smartphone with strong internet connectivity is as good as an office. Some years back, it was hard for students to shape their research paper as they had to compile a heap of unorganized information for that. Today, a student Google’s anything from his smartphone and completes his project before his coffee is cold. Further, there are tons of reasons which support the fact that smartphone is the most liked digital pet around the globe and e-commerce falls near to the top of this list.

High rank- better visibility -more sales

It's a no brainer. You have a web face of your business. You need to reach more customers. Thus, you need SEO to achieve a high rank on the SERPs for a better visibility. And, you know all of this. Right? What's the big fuzz about mobile optimization? Yes. It's a big deal. Couple years back Google said it officially that people across the globe like to interact the web more from their smart handhelds rather than from their desktops. The end result? Admittedly, accelerated mobile pages. It's nothing but the opportunity to create new touch points for reaching new customer and bring them in your ecommerce business. So, are your ecommerce website mobile smart?

Mobile optimised design - Clean CTA elements

I'm talking about 'above the fold design’ attributes. Mobile optimization does not only mean that your e-commerce web pages will load faster and in a decluttered way. What about the on-page CTA elements? Is it pretty hard to locate them on the page when someone is accessing your page through his smartphone? If the important elements of your web page remain under the fold then it will create a high mental friction for your users. Finally, your ecommerce conversion ratio will hit a new low. Consider this factor when you are designing your web pages for different sized screens. This is where smart services like Skyward comes in handy for shaping a better design to fuel your business growth.

Better page loading time - user trust and loyalty

Do you know that 70% of web users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load on their mobiles? Now, if your web page design is mainly aimed to offer a bunch of rich eye candies to your users that are great. But, is it making the webpages heavy? The equation is simple. Heavy web pages. Longer loading time. You are losing your potential customers. Notably, page loading time is one of the most important factors of mobile optimization.

User experience - pop-ups are old school

Let's consider that you are gliding through a sea of web pages to find something and intermittently pop-up windows are flickering on your screen with a promise to help you. Are you being helped? Not at all. On the contrary, they are blotting your mental calmness. Right? Significantly, according to the grey hairs in the web designing and user trend analytics, pop ups are old school. They don't add any bit of smartness with your webpages or your service. So, offer a clean webpage to your users and don't test their patience with some nagging pop-up windows.

Lift up seasonal product selling

Seasonal product selling is a big factor for e-commerce businesses. Coupons, special rebate offerings and other special incentives to bring in more customers for kicking up the seasonal sales figure is a proven tactic for e-commerce businesses. So where mobile comes in this? Justified. Now, tell me one thing. Where do you like to get these promotional offers? Undeniably, it's you mobile. Technically, we are not that glued to our desktops but out mobile phones. Right? So, mobile optimization is not only needed but also it's the best way to get into your user’s minds. Remember, personalized offers, personalized services and personalized user experience- it all start with a mobile phones. Right?

Mobile = user generated content

Do you know how important user reviews are? They are the glittering benchmarks of your service. Statistically, before making a buying decision most of the e-commerce users float from one site to another site for one single thing. Admittedly, user reviews. Now, user reviews are the most important user generated content you can leverage to brand yourself as a trustworthy e-commerce service provider. And, mobile phones are the best incoming source for that. People used to like, review, share and recommend e-commerce products using their mobile phones. So, it's needless to say that an mobile optimized e-commerce website is more likely to make the cut when user engagement is concerned. Let's face it. ‘The best’ tag, in any business niche, is not anyone's copyrighted glory. It changes. Indeed, modern technologies are for everyone and these are really pushing the wide demarcation line between the best and the better to go thin with each passing day. So, to be at the cutting edge of the ecommerce world mobile optimization is the next combat ready tool you need.

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