Five Simple Ways to Promote Your Mobile App with Minimum Budget

You can create an ingenious, well-designed app out of your best efforts, but will it be able to create a fan group without any promotion? Who will be searching for your application and how, if no one knows that there is a solution out there waiting to be discovered? But you don’t need to worry about a big-budget promotional program and empty your pocket in marketing your service. Let’s go through some tricks to reduce the cost for banning yourself.

1. Develop a great mobile app that solves real problems (features, USP):

Without having a real problem to solve through your app, it can’t sustain for a long time in people’s mind. But it varies with the persons using it. Say, for a student, a reader app or a dictionary app is the necessity to use every day. For a businessman with a tight schedule, an automated Gmail virtual assistant is a good option. Let’s focus on the features and USP. Now, for features, problem-solving tops the list, but you can add other attributes like promotional features by rewarding your regular customers, or social media related as if to connect different media channels with your app. Business interaction and location-finding features are also good for attracting new clients and retaining them. Again, to strengthen your app USP, go for Google analytics to check your current app status and most visited pages on your website. The app approaches are different from your offline business or website. Use value-added services, pre-ordering facilities or payment options through your app. Also, for financial issues, tools like calculators are good choices. You can offer video learning sessions to train your users and location-based tools to enhance efficiency in specific services.

2. Be creative with ASO, SEO for your mobile app (visibility):

App store optimization or ASO is what brings you more traffic to the app page in the store. Forrester surveyed that 63% apps are found through the app store. new app discovery methods So, for strategizing your ASO blueprint, let’s begin with targeting the right customers and what keywords they use. Apps with keywords in the title outrun the others by 10.3% in ranking. But you need to work on it, before choosing your title in the first place. Because the search for your app increases through word of mouth in most of the cases and who is going to find you if you are changing your name time to time? The other important factors are positive ratings and reviews, which will pull you out on a high ranking with an increased rate of downloads. But, to earn positive feedbacks, keep an option for your users to talk directly with the developer within the app. Because, you are not getting positive reviews every time, so work on changing the negative ones into positives only by talking to them directly and solving their issues. Also, the first three lines of your app description must be compelling enough to make people enter into your field. Another thing is to design the icon uniquely to match the different OS requirements for various app stores with varying sizes. To increase the visibility of your app, similar attention is required for app SEO or search engine optimization. The app name must contain your brand title and also the download page URL must keep it prominently for the users to find out. Link your app landing pages with the most populated pages of your website. Also, include QR codes there on your website to download your app directly from your site. Make sure to keep different download links on your desktop or mobile page to fit with device orientation.

3. Communicate with popular and upcoming mobile app review websites (Authority & visibility):

70% of people consult at least one app review before downloading it and 42% of them trust the popular review sites equally or more than personal recommendations. Communicate with the most popular and upcoming reviewers to get your review posted there and found by thousands of your visitors. Since the default order for review setups comes chronologically, it’s crucial to have positive reviews also with a high volume of them with recent updates. For example, AndroidTapp, AppBrain, AndroLib are the top most review sites for Android apps, while the same popularity is held by Freshapps, AppVee, Apptism, etc. for iPhone apps. You can consult with app submission sites too to save your time to get an unbiased review of your product. Besides, PR, blogs and publications, youtube channels adding video demo on your service and even app discovery sites add value to your quest to reach the high rank.  amazon apps

4. Robust app design and a brilliant app icon can solve it within a tight budget (good design = easier marketing):

Robust app design keeps your application stable in the extreme and unexpected situations as if to manage maximum load conditions or inappropriate user inputs. Ensuring reduction in download timing and with low maintenance cost, it enhances the customer experience as well as to fit your tight budget. At the time of developing your app, search for the most affordable and robust software services like Skyward Techno Solutions, that offers sound designing with simple coding for maintenance. Also, app icon plays the most important roll to catch your viewers’ eyes. Make sure it tells the story of your service to the targeted audience, within a simple, easy-remembering image without including texts. Don’t forget about size specifications for different OS. But the final step must include A/B testing. Follow the design guidelines offered by Google or Apple to analyze properly. Here, Richard Wagstaff has shared experiencing 2X installations after changing the app icon: apps icon design

5. Understand your audience and employ that in multiple traffic sources (more traffic=more downloads =higher ranking):

Create ‘personas’ with a group of people likely to be in need of your service. For an example, let’s assume a business executive who wants to communicate with his employees in a quick and efficient way. Find out the solution through your application and set your marketing strategy to pinpoint this small group of people. But there still remains wide niche like gender, age, location, etc. Go for demographic data research on your niche market. Use services like Google Trends/Adwords to assemble data from similar programs. After differentiating your niche market, you can focus on employing it in your relevant traffic sources to increase download rate. Lastly, we can see that it’s all about analyzing and sorting out your work field to magnetize the views of your visitors so that you can shine brightly instead of having a tight pocket.

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