Your Business Can Get More from CRM! How?

CRM has now become an inseparable part of a business, big or small. CRM which is a software application helps business in serving the clients better as per the need and also give pointers to be ready for the future. CRM over the years has also evolved and improvised as per the growing and unique demand cutting across size, location and type of industry of the business. Another important aspect of CRM, is that it is not just retrospective analysis, which it does include analysis, but the dividend occurring out of it, has more advantage and assist not only present but even future strategies. Following are few benefits of CRM, which helps the businesses to grow a notch higher.

1.     Create A Repository Of Detailed Information

CRM primarily deals in collecting all the information necessary or otherwise of the business and clients importantly, when the business transaction or general report is documented. For any sound decision or future strategy to adjust as per prevailing market condition, it is very important for the management to be empowered with the quality information, which can be analysed. For e.g. – A giant fast food chain is equipped with CRM which helps the management to analyse the daily & weekly purchase which in turn helps them to know which product is currently been the flavor of its customers. With this information, they can decide upon the products that need to be stocked well and the ones that need not be paid much attention for the moment. Creating the detailed information, mapping the behavior (of customers) and then evaluating the sales opportunities using the sales force automation ( a feature in CRM) can leverage a great deal of business. This saves you from investing in the non-moving goods and concentrate on the products that bring profit.

2.     Be Dynamic And Focus On Customization

Nowadays, customized service gives the feel of exclusivity which is looked forward by a client. It also works in strengthening the bond between the seller and the buyer, thus also creates a scope of the loyal customers, which is very necessary for the business condition which is generally not very predictable. A loyal customer not only helps in increasing the business, but also provides valuable insight and input from the other side of the table, which can further help business. Also, customization is possible only with help of CRM documenting the activity, else manually remembering or even noting down the likes of each customer is mostly heavily taxing and may churn out valuable business time, and thus affects business. A dynamic dashboard can channelize the sales report and help to prepare the customizable reports, which can provide an insight about the type of action you need to take further and also prepare you to respond on any critical matter within a stipulated time. Mobile CRM can also be used to manage the customer information; in a very competent way. For e.g. Mr. David purchases only a type of pizza from the outlet, with specific fillings, which is documented by Pizza outlets. Thus for next order, Mr. David may not have to repeat his order or liking in detail, Pizza outlet is ready to suggest pizzas as per likes of the customer, or even guide on the new product arrival. For any customer, it gives a relief or satisfaction, when his demand is “understood” and served, before making much effort.

3.     Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

RCA is very important in decision making while evaluating the business or at drawing board to spell out strategies. With systematic and detailed documentation with the help of CRM, it enables management to not only know the symptom of certain happening but also assists in getting root of the problem or event, on why particular action took place, and thus based on its effect on business, the activity can be repeated or curtailed. For e.g. – In a coffee shop, after detailed analysis of data in CRM, the manager gets to know that mocktails outsell the coffee. A careful analysis showed and with few questionnaire to the regular customers it was found, coffee was too strong. Thus, the coffee taste was re-modified which saw an increase in the coffee sale as well. Now this would have been really difficult without CRM documenting the pattern of sales and every other activity. CRM offers the chance of sales forecasting where you can go for the trend analysis and define your activities around the same.

4.     Increase The Efficiency & Manages The Activities

Another important aspect coming out of CRM is, detailed charting that helps out in knowing the business activity which needs more focus and which activity doesn’t give out that much return, so as to either reduce the focus on that activity or change the approach for that particular activity. The sales performance management feature in the CRM is a perfect way out. Managers can check for the duties assigned to different sales persons, various teams and guide them to improve their abilities. Monitoring the performance, activities and report card preparation is smooth and effortless with this feature. This not only will help the manager to give direction to his team towards the goal achieving but also a chance to anticipate in preparing the strategy in advance.

5.     Helps In Practical Decision Making

Imagine your team running here and there searching for a misplaced file where you had jotted down the task to be delegated to the team, and when, finally you found it, it was already the time to leave the office. What do you do, rejoice? With CRM one thing is clear- it doesn't hide anything. Data review, opportunities monitoring and sharing it all with your team, is accomplished smoothly with the CRM system. Fuller the information, better the decision making. Well, how do you make a decision even the tiny one, when you fail to recognize the problem in the absence of a required data? Not possible, right? Whether your focus is the revenue generation, customer satisfaction or retention, in all means CRM is a partner that never leaves you in mayhem. It offers you detailed information, the way you want, saves your time in mulling over the irrelevant issues and keeps you well-informed to get the perfect solution. It is a relief for any organization and nevertheless, it gives momentum to your business.


Everything that is intended for the CRM will be done by it to make your job easy. HOWEVER, the CRM's success would only be amplified when the humans of an organization take an honest interest in it, understand its importance, learn with zeal, & work in tandem with the CRM and; when they do this they know they are adding value to the ongoing business and giving a tough time to their competitors.
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