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In today's competitive world the pressure on the industry must be visible, while at the same time providing a competitive, efficient and excellent customer experience. To become more effective comes the challenge of managing the complexities of business processes while maintaining business effectiveness. Whatever industry you are in, we assure you of high quality completion with our depth and breadth of knowledge across industries.With our foresight and specialized industry experience we cater to the specific needs of specific industries with utmost adequacy, building a powerful ecosystem for companies of all sizes. We specialize in Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP), Human Resource Management Information Systems, Android App Development, iPhone App Development and Application Maintenance and Support.

Industries we work

Real Estate

With real estate CRM software, you can easily track leads, follow up on sales, and keep your business running smoothly. It provides a complete picture of their sales activities, opportunity pipeline, and inventory, all of which are managed through a single, centralized platform.

Parking & Mobility

Parking & Mobility CRM is an innovative software solution designed specifically for commercial parking operators. This powerful tool allows you to manage every aspect of your business including customer relations, fleet management, vehicle maintenance, insurance claims, invoicing, payments, and more.

EA Sports Platform (Gaming)

EA SPORTS Platform is an integrated software solution designed to help iGaming operators manage their player interactions and relationships. This includes player registration, customer service, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, tournaments, promotions, and more.


Government CRM solutions or CRM for the public sector aims to strengthen citizen relationships by understanding more about their needs and requirements. The Good CRM tool will be more preferred for its simplicity and user friendly options.


With an increase in customers’ demands, there’s also an increase in competition within the industry. Therefore, today’s finance businesses need to adopt approaches that are modern and customer-focused, which is why CRM for Finance plays an important role in the scaling of companies.


The hospitality industry has seen a resurgence over recent years due to improvements in customer service. Tools like hospitality CRM software allow for more personalization of interactions between hotel staff and guests.

Trading / Retail

This software helps you manage your business better and save money. It allows you to track your sales, customers, inventory, orders, payments, invoices, etc. You can also set up automated emails to send to your customers when they are late paying their bills.


Manufacturing CRM software helps manufacturers manage their business processes more efficiently. This software provides an integrated view of manufacturing operations, allowing users to track production activities and monitor performance across multiple departments.


This software helps companies to manage their customer relationship management, employee performance, employee user satisfaction, service quality and vice quality and customer satisfaction.


Shipping CRM is an online shipping software that helps businesses track their shipments and manage their inventory. It provides a complete view of each shipment, including tracking information, order history, invoice details, and more.


Salesforce has built an entire ecosystem of apps, services, and integrations that help startups build their business. Whether you need to manage your customer relationships, automate your marketing campaigns, or integrate with your accounting software, we've got you covered.