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Skyward Helpdesk
Make it easy to stay in touch with customers

Our web-based help desk is a tool created for customer service teams. Your tickets contain the details you need to give a better answer to the customer's question. Check if the message arrived where it should have. Stay connected with ease.

Expand Helpdesk
with Field Service Management

Empower your field service team to consistently offer excellent service experiences with automated scheduling and routing,
easy access to customer information on a mobile app. Engage customers through real-time updates via conversational bots.

Why Skyward CRM?

Smart Ticket Generation

Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents and leverage the power of your entire organization to deliver customer delight. Provide the best, most intuitive support across all channels. Proactively understand customer needs to serve excellence, the first time. Save time and reduce repetitive tasks. Help agents rapidly resolve customer inquiries with workforce automation and knowledge from one, unified platform.

Smartly prioritize tickets based on their content

Automatically prioritize tickets to reflect their urgency level and resolution ranking order. Your tickets can get priority based on a requester's email address, supporting tags, time since last response, or the exact words used in the message showing that the case is urgent.

Stay connected effortlessly

Show your proactive approach to every customer case. If there's been no activity from your customer over the last few days, send them a message of your choice to show that you care. Stay in touch with your customers with minimal effort by doing it automatically.

Keep all messages in one place

Incoming emails, requests from web forms and any other sources — everything is in Helpdesk. Manage messages from customers in one ticketing system. Improve your workflow to simplify your customer support tasks.

your work in a snap


Automate your tasks. Resolve tickets automatically and save time for complex cases.


Send ready messages. Streamline your resolution rate with pre-made canned responses.


Perform bulk actions. Address multiple similar customer tickets from your list in a single batch.


Use real-time reporting. Dig deep into reports with performance metrics to make data-driven decisions.

Additional Features

  • New ticket confirmation. If the ticket has been created, notify the requester.
  • Send second follow-up. If the ticket status is Pending for 3 days after follow-up, send a second follow-up.
  • Feedback request If the ticket status changes to "Solved," send a feedback request after defined time as per your business practice.
  • Add followers based on tag If a tag has been added, make the agent follow that ticket.
  • Set priority to Urgent If the email address has phrases and the last activity was 8 hours ago or as per defined time by the organization., set the priority to Urgent.
  • Solve defined tickets If the new message contains one of the phrases "problem solved," "fixed," set the status to Solved.
  • Send a follow-up If the ticket is “Pending” for three days, send a follow-up message.
  • Escalate tickets If the ticket priority has changed to Urgent, add a follower and send a private note.
  • Send private notes If the team has been changed, send a private note.

Analyze reports to gain insights and make better decisions

Measure your performance and find trends. Use data to improve your customer service. Browse through Helpdesk reports or export your data to get an overview of your current results and historical data.


Analyze what your customers think about your ticket responses.


First response
Check how fast you respond to a ticket that arrives.


New tickets
Spot peak times when you get more messages than usual.