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Technologies we use

.NET Core

NET Core is an open source framework for building modern web applications using C# and Visual Studio 2017. .NET core is to provide a unified platform for all types of applications, which includes Windows, cross platform and mobile applications. .NET Standard Library enables this by providing shared base API’s, which every application model needs, and excluding any application model specific API’s.

React Development

React is a declarative programming language for building user interfaces. It makes writing code easier than ever before. It's fast because it doesn't render everything upfront. Instead, it renders only what needs to be rendered. This means less data has to be transferred over the network and more time is spent actually doing work. It's flexible because it allows you to write components using functional programming techniques. This means you can easily compose them together to build complex applications.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a JavaScript library that makes creating single page applications easier than ever before. It provides an elegant way to structure your code and keep it organized. AngularJS helps developers build faster, better user interfaces. It also allows them to write less code and maintain their codebase more easily.


AWS is an online platform where you can store data, run software, and connect devices. AWS provides services such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service , Elastic Block Store , Relational Database Service, Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing, CloudFront, CloudWatch, CodeDeploy, OpsWorks, Mobile Hub, API Gateway, Lambda, and Step Functions. AWS makes it easier for people to work together.